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Spring Break Begins at High School Vacations!

Safety And Fun Are Top Priority In Planning The Ultimate High School Vacation

Dear Parents:

Our mission at is to pave the way for your child to have a safe and memorable vacation experience.

This vacation will be the one they remember for the rest of their life. The one they’ll talk about at their high school reunions. The one they’ll show their own children photos of. Whether you allow them to visit one of our recommended all inclusive mega resorts or be pampered as they tour the Caribbean on a fastastic cruise, all our vacation packages offer fun and safe activities.

They can dance with their friends until the wee hours of the morning. They can learn to snorkel, play beach volleyball, tennis or even golf. Tan by the pool while listening to their ipod. Relax in a beach hammock, watching waves crash onto the shore. Hang out with a group of other high school students or within the small circle of their best friends. They’ll have the ability to do everything, or nothing at all.


While we agree that having fun is the point of the trip, there’s one issue that is much more important: your child’s safety. You’re wondering if he/she will be safe leaving the country without you. Will he/she be smart, and make good decisions? You’re wondering if the destination he/she wants to go is safe. What can be done to insure their safety? What happens if they get hurt or sick?

Be assured that your child’s safety is our highest priority. Our vacation packages are put together with safety in mind. Before suggesting a vacation option, we’ll find out what your son or daughter is looking for. What amenities are important? Do they have a destination in mind? Which resort? There are hundreds of resorts in the Caribbean and in Mexico. What sets them apart? How do you choose?

We’ve done our homework. After your child lets us know what they’re looking for (via the contact us form), we recommend specific resorts. Since we book all types of travel, we already work with many of these resorts. But for the high school vacations students, we only send your children to a short list of resorts. The resorts we recommend typically have many of the amenities the kids are looking for.

We choose these resorts so the kids have plenty to do without ever having to leave the property. By utilizing these all inclusive resorts, most everything they do on the resort property is fully paid for. If you give your child permission to leave the resort, any activity they do or anything they buy is out of pocket.

Since your child will be having fun at the resort, they won’t be looking for things to do outside the resort area. And by staying on the resort property, they are going to be safer. In addition, the resorts we choose are in the tourist area. These are amongst the safest places of these destinations. If your child leaves the resort for any reason, we always recommend that they do so with their chaperones.

Before they leave for vacation, we trust you will talk with your child about being safe and smart while having fun. Continue having the conversations you’ve been having for years about the importance of good, safe choices.


Every High School Vacation booking must include at least one chaperone (you, your spouse, or other dependable adult, preferably at least 25 years old) to accompany your student group on their vacation. Chaperone(s) will be responsible for overseeing the students you have agreed to accompany. Chaperoning a trip can be a rewarding vacation for you as well; there are as many activities for you (spas, golf, market and boutique shopping, to name a few) as for your child. Each chaperone will also receive a special gift, courtesy of High School Vacations.

Alcohol Consumption

Another issue to address is alcohol. Be aware that one reason high school seniors want to go to Mexico or the Caribbean is because the legal drinking age at those destinations is 18+. And while alcohol is included in the package for all persons 18 years or older, as a parent, issues you’ll want to discuss with your child include the effects of alcohol and drinking in moderation if they choose to drink at all. Note that High School Vacations does not condone underage drinking of any kind. And as much as we trust our children to make good, smart choices, another reason why we have parent chaperones overseeing the kids is to assure that a responsible adult is around just in case some adult reasoning is needed.


Every student vacationing thru is covered by an incredible insurance policy. This policy addresses most “what if?” questions. What if she gets sick? What if he cuts his toe and needs stitches? What if she needs medicine or an antibiotic? What if he needs to see a doctor or go to immediate care? What if her luggage doesn’t arrive? What if he jumps in the pool with his iPod in his pocket? What if she needs to cancel after paying a deposit? You never want any of these “what ifs?” to come up, especially when your child is traveling without you. But if any of them do come up, the good news is your child is insured and will be properly taken care of. For more information on this policy, click the insurance tab.


For those of you who think a trip to Mexico or the Caribbean is not for your kids (or you), we also offer cruises. Cruising offers a great spring break vacation in a more contained environment. With many cruise ships to choose from, we can help find one with the amenities and itineraries that your high school senior will love. All meals and snacks (even room service) and on-board entertainment and activities are included. While sailing from port to port, you know where they are at all times. Then when the ship docks at one of the island ports, they have the option of getting off and experiencing a guided excursion tour with their friends (and chaperones), and getting a little taste of the islands. Note that drinks, meals and any activities / excursions off the ship are additional.

Your personal planning team

Planning a vacation involves lots of decisions. Planning the ultimate vacation for your high school student all by yourself can be a logistical nightmare. We’ve done the homework so you don’t need to shop around for flights, hotels, meals, entertainment and everything else your child wants. We won’t add last-minute fees and charges; the price we quote you will be the price you’ll pay. Booking through High School Vacations will nearly always cost less than what you can find on your own. We’ll work directly with you (and your child) and take care of every detail* to ensure your satisfaction.

*Note that you will still need to check flight status and arrive at the airport in time to check in and catch your flight.

Vacations for every budget

Whether you want an all inclusive resort, or cruise vacation, High School Vacations has something for you no matter what your budget. For those wanting an upscale experience, we have resort properties that will keep you in the lap of luxury. We also offer several economical all inclusive resorts that will get your child to his/her destination, but won’t include some of the frills like gourmet restaurants with world renowned chefs or a recently renovated room. To save more money, consider a garden view room rather than an ocean view. You can also take advantage of early booking discounts, and book a triple or a quad if available.

The same budget-conscious tips apply to cruises. Take advantage of early booking discounts. To save a little more money, you can book an inside (windowless) cabin on a lower deck, or book a triple or a quad cabin. Note that triple or quad cabins save a little in cost, but could get very crowded. On the flip side, we also offer outside cabins with picture windows, balconies or even suites. We really do offer vacations for most every budget.

There are many ways to book travel: online, through a travel agent, by calling and shopping multiple travel wholesalers to try to find the best deal. While we book family vacations, honeymoons and other travel, our specialty is Spring Break Vacations for high school seniors, their friends and accompanying chaperones. When booking your child’s Spring Break, you’ll find that our prices are very competitive and our attention to detail is second to none. To begin planning an incredible (and safe) All-Inclusive Spring Break Vacation for your child, please complete our High School vacations form or call 847.986.5956.

Please remember the Spring Break hotels and airfare specials will book up and sell out. So the sooner you book, the sooner you lock in and the more you save. We look forward to helping make your child’s vacation the experience of a lifetime.